Our highly skilled team of auto repair technicians specializes in collision repair, custom painting, and specialty airbrush design for every make and model of vehicle. At Rochester Collision Center, we understand that dealing with accidents and insurance claims can be overwhelming. To assist you during this process, we’ve compiled comprehensive information to answer your questions, save you time, and ensure a smooth journey back on the road.


Your safety and the well-being of all involved parties are of utmost importance. Attend to the immediate needs of everyone at the scene of the accident.

Capture the details – take multiple photos of the accident to document the incident and assist the insurance company in their assessment. Gather information from the involved parties, including make, model, VIN number, license plate, and contact details. Don’t forget to photograph their insurance cards.

Following an accident, notify your insurance representative promptly to report the incident. In cases where damages exceed $1000, a DMV report may be required.

You have the freedom to choose the collision repair shop you prefer. While your insurance company may suggest a Direct Repair Program shop, providing an agreed-upon repair rate, the ultimate decision lies with you. At Rochester Collision Center, we collaborate with all insurance companies to ensure your needs are met.

If your vehicle is drivable, you can bring it directly to our shop for repair. For vehicles requiring towing, we can arrange for your vehicle to be towed directly to our shop, saving you from unnecessary storage charges. Contact the tow yard and request that the vehicle be released to us, and we will manage the towing arrangements and billing.

Once your vehicle is at our facility, we will coordinate with your insurance adjuster for inspection. Your insurance company will provide an estimated payment for repairs based on the damages.

In the event of additional damage discovered during the repair process, we will communicate with your insurance adjuster for reevaluation and create a new repair plan. Rest assured, we will discuss the repair options with you, ensuring your preferences are considered.

The choice of parts used for your vehicle’s repair is yours. We offer options for new, aftermarket, and used parts to accommodate your budget and preferences.

Insurance payments for collision repair are made directly to Rochester Collision Center. Upon completion of repairs, you will pay your deductible and any remaining balance directly to us. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards for your convenience.

At Rochester Collision Center, we firmly believe that the choice of repair shop is yours, not your insurance company’s. While your provider may have preferences, the final decision rests with you.

We proudly work with every insurance company and ensure high-quality service and support for every customer. Expect a detailed computerized appraisal by a qualified collision repair appraiser, priority handling of your damage appraisal and claim, and fair pricing. If you receive a lower quote for the same repair using identical parts, please return to us, and we will match or beat the estimate.

With over 20 years in business, we remain committed to providing excellent service at a fair price. Let Rochester Collision Center be your choice of repair center for unrivaled collision repair in Rochester, NY. Contact us today at 585-292-1170 to experience the excellence that sets us apart.


Don’t be fooled into thinking your insurance company has to pick where your car has to be repaired. It’s your car, it is your CHOICE. Your insurance provider may have a preference, but it is your decision as to whom your want repairing your vehicle, not theirs.

At Rochester Collision Center:

We work with every insurance company.

We are dedicated to providing every customer with high-quality service and support. This includes:

A detailed computerized appraisal of the damages by a qualified collision repair appraiser.

Priority handling of your damage appraisal and claim.

The appraisal will be for the damage from your accident at a fair price. All damage that is written is only a visual inspection; if any hidden damage is found during the repair that will be covered as well. If that situation does occur it will not come out of your pocket. Rochester Collision will pay for any parts and labor that is needed to make those repairs. The insurance company paying for the claim will reimburse us after the repairs have been made.

Fair pricing. If you get a lower quote for the same repair using the same parts for the damage to your car, please come back in. We will either meet or beat the other estimate!

Rochester Collision has been doing business for over 20 years. We believe in doing business the old-fashioned way. Do a quality job at a fair price and your customers will be well served. Please make Rochester Collision Center your choice of repair center!

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